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D&D Next Monsters: Part 13: Rebooting The Math: Hitpoint Review

D&D Next Monsters: Part 13: Rebooting The Math: Hitpoint Review

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Wherein Surf reboots monster hitpoints....

Reworking monster hitpoints was also relatively easy.

Hit Points

Scaling Up

HP vs PC Damage - Current
HP vs PC Damage - Current
HP vs PC Damage - Derived
HP vs PC Damage - Derived
HP vs PC Damage - Power
HP vs PC Damage - Power

Under further analysis the HP progression of Normal creatures still seemed appropriate. Initially a Normal monster will take 1.04x of standard PC damage (aka StdDmg) to go down. This makes them pretty easy for any modestly damage-focused PC to take out. By level 5 they are up to 1.53x StdDam, reaching 2.0 at level 15 and 2.14 at level 20. If we extend this trend out to level 25 we get 2.26. While this progression is appropriate I have made a minor correction to my previous Normal formula based on further analysis. This is simply a byproduct of marrying up formula with derived results.

The key to revising this data is a Power based curve for the Monster_HP:PC_Damage ratio. Building this out appropriately was not a difficult task. And from this it was fairly easy to match an appropriate Power formula to the final curve.

Scaling Out

Where I feel Hitpoints need some tuning is in the modifiers for Tough and Solo creatures. Based on their XP a Tough is "worth" just under two Normal creatures, with a Solo being "worth" four Normal critters. Yet the HP multiplier for a Tough appears to be 1.5 and for a Solo seems to be 2.0. Now I get that making these multipliers 2.0 and 4.0, respectively, can cause problems. Who really wants to simply whack away at a sack of hitpoints forever, right? And as monsters scale up they accumulate an increasing suite of resistances, immunities and other mitigations. But even so the multipliers for scaling out are obviously quite low. This is one of the reasons that higher level monsters feel comparatively weaker. So I've conservatively increased these multipliers.


1 4101825
2 7183144
3 10244361
4 12315477
5 15376492
6 174375107
7 194885121
8 225494135
9 2459104148

For the reader's convenience I have included a full hitpoints table to the left that corresponds to the derived/power formulas.


  • HP (derived) = (1.04 x Level ^ 0.24) * (9.581 x Level ^ 0.57065)
  • HP (Power) = 10 x Level ^ 0.81
  • Easy HP = HP x 0.40
  • Tough HP = HP x 1.75
  • Solo HP = HP x 2.50



Check back in a few days for the Attack Bonus reboot...

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